Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

In continuation of a long exposure post on Broken Light Photography Collective.

What is time? I often contemplate that question. Time is an unusual thing when you suffer from mood disorders. Time can feel speedy, or so slow it feels like it is moving backwards. This photo was shot during one of the speedy times. 11:37 pm, the time when this photo was shot as you can see, is about when my body and mind start revving up most nights. Everyone is going to sleep, and I want to burst out of my skin. Medicine can bring me down enough to get the sleep I need, which I take to be able to function even the slightest bit in my life, although sometimes I still want to go with it. When depression is prominent, I feel that speedy nights are the only times when I have energy, can have good ideas, or can get anything done. Sometimes those are the only times I feel alive.

Other folk’s interpretations of “unusual” here.

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