Surprised at the Mental Cottage

It’s a gross, rainy day here in psych land. Many of the nice people I have met are leaving. Heading home to take on the holidays. There are only a few of us residents left, which could be a good thing because less people in the group therapy sessions means more time for my junk, but it also means I’m going to have to start taking on more tasks like cooking and cleaning. Things that would normally be done once a week will have to be my duty two or three times. This also could be a good thing because such tasks feel nearly impossible due to my depression and here I have no option or I’ll be kicked out. I’ve already been put on probation today because I left my locked drawer unlocked. It had a few days worth of meds in it (not even close to OD amount), and I know it is a general rule that has to apply to everyone, but could you imagine —¬†getting kicked out of a psychiatric treatment facility for a drawer! I need major help here people, can we please focus on that instead of drawers and chores?

The WP weekly photo challenge is surprise, and I actually just got surprised. There is a cute little hut thing in the wooded area behind our psychiatric “cottage” that has a painted blue door. I have noticed it a few times and thought it looked like it would be a fun place to have played as a child – pretending it was a castle or a fort.

Little did I know that it is actually where our trash goes to be taken away. I will be visiting it a lot more now that our numbers are dwindling.¬†I know DBT tells me to stay grounded in reality, but I think I’m still going to pretend that I’m going out to a castle when I’m on trash duty. For two minutes of my day here I can be a princess – a healthy, beautiful, care-free princess – and imagine that just beyond this blue door is not trash but the gateway to a magical kingdom far far away.

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2 responses

  1. Looks like you have nice hospital grounds. Here, it’s very green and has a forest and is very scenic.

    Take care x

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